Jacquelin "Jax" Marshall
Name: Jacquelin Marshall
Status: Alive
Residence(s): London, England
United Kingdom
Affiliation: Secret Intelligence Service AKA MI6
Profession: MI6:
Played by: Charlotte Riley
Appears in: 1 film

Jacquelin "Jax" Marshall is a MI6 agent in London Has Fallen.


Before London Has FallenEdit

Jax knew Mike Banning from previous experiences.

London Has FallenEdit

During the terrorist attacks in London, Jax was in a MI6 safehouse with fellow colleague Pradhan. Later, as the sun was setting in London, Mike Banning and U.S. President Benjamin Asher arrived in the safehouse and met up with her. Jax told them that the CCTV cameras went offline and says that it has to be done by someone inside the British Government. She played a message from U.S. Vice President Allan Trumbull that they are sending in a Delta Force team to the safehouse and to get Asher to the U.S. Embassy. She told them that the mastermind behind the attack is Aamir Barkawi. Asher told Mike and Jax that Barkawi is an arms dealer shielded by corrupt governments. He also told them that the G8 found Barkawi in Pakistan and the U.S. launch a drone strike at him. But Barkawi survived and his daughter got killed. Jax says that most of the world leaders were killed during the attack and many civilians we're killed as collateral damage. She also revealed that Barkawi's operation is without any country backing him up, but recruited many anti-Western terrorists. She revealed that their CCTV was also shutdown by someone inside the British Government.

After Pradhan informed Mike and Asher that their troops have arrived. While seeing what appeared to be Delta Force soldiers, Banning suspected something was amiss and asked Jax when did Trumbull send that message. Jax said he send it about 32 minutes ago. When Mike asked if the cameras zoom in and she answered yes. Mike zooms in on the camera and sees that one soldier is not sweating because he is carrying 40 pounds of gear and that the soldiers carrying that amount would sweat if they walked a long journey. They see that they are walking towards the back, leading them to discover that they are terrorist impersonators. Jax realized that they intercepted Trumbull's message. Mike asked her where the armory is. Once they loaded up, Mike told Jax to get out of the safe house and go to Scotland Yard to find the mole while he protects Asher in the safehouse. Both she and Pradhan evacuated above the building.

Later, Jax arrived in Scotland Yard and went to Box Command. John Lancaster, head of MI-5 Counter-Intelligence, saw her and Jax told him that they have a mole. Lancaster told them they know because they had access to the routes, communications, uniforms and such. Kevin Hazard, the head of Scotland Yard, was surprised to see her. Jax was present with Hazard as they spoke to Vice-President Trumbull, Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan, NSA Deputy Director Ray Monroe and others about the lead they found on Barkawi. They found that Barkawi owned an abandoned construction site in Central London and NSA satellites found the amount of power used in the building is off the charts. Hazard realized it's their stronghold and sends the SAS team to the site.

Jax was typing in the computers to find out about who hacked into CCTV networks in London. She typed in the password and it got the CCTV cameras back online. She realized who the mole was from using that password and the terrorists were using it to watch them.

Jax was present in Box Command when terrorist sub-commander, Barkawi's son Kamran began to stream live to allow everyone in the world to see the public execution of the captive President Asher. Moments before the execution can happen, Banning arrived and prevented the execution. After the explosion of the terrorist hideout, the SAS team, led by Will Davies, searched for Banning and President Asher. When she heard that Asher is alive, everyone in Box Command celebrated. Jax sat down and smiled in relief that Banning saved Asher.

Shortly afterwards, Jax then tracked down Lancaster, who is revealed to be the mole who helped Barkawi attacked London. She confronts him in the parking garage with the evidence which proves that he was the mole when he shut down the CCTV cameras and orders him to get down on the floor. Lancaster says that the British government is cutting down on budgets while they allowed dangerous people into their country. Jax unhappily asked if he thought his traitorous actions would teach them a lesson. Lancaster confirmed that reason and for 20 million euros. Jax again ordered the traitor to surrender. When Lancaster was about to get his pistol at the back of his SUV, Jax repeatedly ordered to get down on the ground. When Lancaster refused to do so, Jax shot and killed the traitor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jacquelin "Jax" Marshall was portrayed by Charlotte Riley in London Has Fallen.


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