James Lew
OHF actor James Lew
Birthplace: Escalon, California, USA
Birthdate: September 6th, 1952
Active: 1976 - present
Films appeared in: Olympus Has Fallen
Role: Disguised North Korean soldier

James Lew is an veteran martial artist, stunt performer, coordinator and actor who played a[Disguised North Korean soldier in Olympus Has Fallen. He has appeared in films such as Big Trouble in Little China, American Ninja V, Hot Shots: Part Deux, Timecop, Escape from L.A., Lethal Weapon 4, Traffic, Tropic Thunder and Inception. He has appeared in various direct-to-video B-movies and guest-starred on TV shows such as Space Rangers, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Black Scorpion, Alias, Robbery Homicide Division, CSI: Miami, Chuck and Children's Hospital.

Behind the ScenesEdit

James Lew cameoed in the role and was only seen for less than half a minute of total screen-time. On-screen, he had no dialogue and appeared after shooting the driver of the limo escort vehicle he had rode in while assuming the identity of the South Korean ambassador's entourage.



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