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Kang Yeonsak
Status: Deceased
Age: 36 (at death)
Date of birth: August 12, 1976
Birthplace: North Korea
Date of death: July 6, 2013
Place of death: White House,
Washington, D.C.,
United States of America
Cause of death: Stabbed in the head by Mike Banning
Affiliation: Koreans for United Freedom
Profession: The head of the KUF
Father: (deceased)
Mother: (deceased)
Marital status: Single
Played by: Rick Yune
Appears in: 1 film
"There is a saying is Korea. Saying something a hundred times is not as good as living it once."
―Kang Yeonsak saying it Ruth McMillan [src]

Kang Yeonsak (August 12, 1976 – July 6, 2013) was the leader of the Korean terrorist group Koreans for United Freedom who masterminded the takeover of the White House in order to unify Korea and turn America into a nuclear radiation wasteland using top secret nuclear fail safe device Cerberus, but hasn't counted on Mike Banning to stop his plans.

Early LifeEdit

As a child, Kang's father was executed for crimes against North Korea. He and his mother were brought across the DMZ, but when they were attempting to cross the DMZ, Kang's mother was killed by an American landmine. Kang then founded Koreans for United Freedom (K.U.F.), a terrorist paramilitary organization. He and his group brought uranium enrichment technology from Pakistan to Pyongyang in 2002. Then Kang and his group were responsible for the 2004 bombing of the British Embassy in Seoul and we're involved in a hostage crisis in Seoul in 2007. He kept himself under the radar to avoid being photographed or identified by any Western Intelligence agency. Then he blended to the South Korean government and poses himself as a chief of security and primary aide to South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo.

Olympus Has FallenEdit

OHF- Kang's identity shown

Kang's ID as it read on the White House's security computers and scanners.

He disguised himself as the head of security and aide for South Korean Prime Minister Lee. To ensure a reunified Korea, he and former secret service agent, Dave Forbes take President Asher, Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Joe Hoenig hostage in the Presidential bunker. Kang orders the US to withdraw all their troops to allow the civil war to end and also seeks to destroy the US with activating their nuclear weapons as payback for the untimely death of his parents. To accomplish this, Kang needs the three codes from Asher, McMillan and Hoenig that will allow him to activate Cerberus. Kang is eventually killed by Mike Banning during a knife fight.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Kang Yeonsak was portrayed by Rick Yune in Olympus Has Fallen.


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