Olympus Has Fallen is a film franchise.


Picture Title Release
Olympus Has Fallen theatrical poster Olympus Has Fallen March 22, 2013
After his failure to save First Lady Margaret Asher, disgraced former Secret Service agent Mike Banning confronts a North Korean terrorist group who seized control of the White House and hold President Benjamin Asher and others hostage.
London Has Fallen theatrical poster London Has Fallen March 4, 2016
President Benjamin Asher and other world leaders travel to London for a funeral of a deceased British Prime Minister, but the funeral turns out a trap when a terrorist army attacks London to assassinate the attending world leaders. Mike Banning has to protect Asher from being assassinated by the attacking terrorists.
Angel Has Fallen


Alphabetical order (by appearance)

Character Year
2013 2016
Olympus Has Fallen London Has Fallen Angel Has Fallen
Olympus Has Fallen theatrical poster London Has Fallen theatrical poster
Introduced in Olympus Has Fallen
Mike Banning Gerard Butler
Allan Trumbull Morgan Freeman
Benjamin Asher Aaron Eckhart
Leah Banning Radha Mitchell
Edward Clegg Robert Forster
Lynne Jacobs Angela Bassett
Ruth McMillan Melissa Leo
Ray Monroe Sean O'Bryan
Connor Asher Finley Jacobsen Mentioned
Margaret Asher Ashley Judd Mentioned
Cho Kevin Moon
Dave Forbes Dylan McDermott
Jones Tory Kittles
Kang Yeonsak Rick Yune
Lim Malana Lea
Lee Tae-Woo Keong Sim
O'Neil Lance Broadway
Charlie Rodriguez Phil Austin
Roma Cole Hauser
Yu Sam Medina
Introduced in London Has Fallen
Aamir Barkawi Alon Aboutboul
Kamran Barkawi Waleed Zuaiter
Robert Bowman Nigel Whitmey
Bronson Andrew Pleavin
Agnes Bruckner Nancy Baldwin
Leighton Clarkson Clarkson Guy Williams
Will Davies Bryan Larkin
Doris Deborah Grant
Antonio Gusto Alex Giannini
Kevin Hazard Colin Salmon
Rose Kenter Penny Downie
John Lancaster Patrick Kennedy
Jacques Mainard Philip Delancy
Raza Mansoor Adel Bencherif
Sultan Mansoor Mehdi Dehbi
Jacquelin "Jax" Marshall Charlotte Riley
D.C. Mason Jackie Earle Haley
Tsutomu Nakushima Tsuwayuki Saotome
Voight Michael Wildman
Introduced in Angel Has Fallen
Gentry Lance Reddick
Wade Jennings Holt McCallany
Sam Wilcox Michael Landes
Tim Blake Nelson
Nick Nolte
Piper Perabo
Jada Pinkett Smith


Box office performanceEdit

Film Release date Box office revenue Budget Profit
Domestic Foreign Worldwide
Olympus Has Fallen
March 22, 2013
$98,925,640 $71,344,561 $170,270,201 $70,000,000 $100,270,201
London Has Fallen
March 4, 2016
$62,678,608 $143,230,187 $205,908,795 $60,000,000 $145,908,795
Angel Has Fallen
Series Total
$161,604,248 $214,574,748 $376,178,996 $130,000,000 $246,178,996

Critical and public responseEdit

Film Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic CinemaScore
Olympus Has Fallen
48% (186 reviews) 41 (30 reviews) A–
London Has Fallen
25% (181 reviews) 28 (35 reviews) A–
Angel Has Fallen
Series Average
37% 35 A–

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